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Bus Drivers in ME Use Elements Disinfectant

While H1N1 is causing quite a panic around the world, there are significant opportunities to educate the public and sell the necessary supplies to clean properly. Misco’s Elements Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner (E04) was recently spotlighted on a news segment in Bangor, ME. School bus drivers are being instructed to sanitize bus seats and surfaces at least twice a day. As seen on the WLBZ2 site :

School administrators aren’t just working to keep kids healthy in the classroom. They want to stop the spreading of germs on the trips back and forth to school as well.

John T. Cyr & Sons bus company worked with the schools it serves to come up with a plan to keep its school busses clean. Drivers must spray seats and surfaces down with disinfectant twice a day. They are also encouraged to use hand sanitizers and limit contact with students. RSU 19, which does its own bussing, has a similar policy for its drivers. Superintendent William Braun is especially concerned with keeping bus drivers healthy, because he only has three substitute drivers.

“If my bus drivers became infected and I lost eight or ten of them, I may have trouble providing the transportation system” Braun told NEWS CENTER.

Braun says if several drivers call in sick, the remaining drivers will have to double-up on bus routes. RSU 19 had an H1N1 and seasonal flu clinic Wednesday afternoon. Those students who didn’t receive the vaccines Wednesday will be able to receive it when the district gets more units of both H1N1 and seasonal flu in next week.

Are you missing any opportunities to sell to schools, universities, and local businesses? Everyone is looking for alcohol based hand rubs, but what about disinfectant cleaners? Misco’s Elements line of chemicals makes green cleaning simple. Alco, Misco is about to launch their new Ag24 Silver Disinfectant and Deodorant which has gained a lot of attention in the news lately ( BarrowsEuropean Investor, Street Insider, and the Wall Street Journal ). This exciting new product has a 30 second kill time on several bacteria, a 24 hour residual, and the lowest toxicity rating available (category IV). For more information, please contact our office or your sales rep.

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