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ProTeam Vacuums: Basic math for a tough economy

Interesting article from our vacuum company, ProTeam vacuums:

Basic math for a tough economy

Want the bottom line on productivity? Go for solid numbers. A ProTeam vacuum will instantly shave costs from the first use. When used with a cleaning system, a ProTeam backpack vacuum can clean up to 10,000 square feet an hour, a ProTeam canister up to 7,940 sqare feet, and a dual-motor upright up to 3,240 square feet. Compare that to a competitive canister, with an average of only 2,500 square feet an hour, or an upright, at just 2,850 square feet. On average, our backpack saves $20 an hour over a commercial upright. At this rate, it’s easy to recoup your investment. So for good productivity, think a ProTeam upright; for better, go with a ProTeam canister; and for the best performance, nothing beats a ProTeam backpack.

We are all trying to do more with less in today’s economy. Why not make your workers more productive with a ProTeam backpack vacuum and reap the savings of increased productivity without needing to hire more workers ?

Also, from now until December 31st, 2009 end-users can use this coupon to receive an additional $10 per vacuum rebate directly from ProTeam. Please contact us at our office or call your Market Advantage Plus sales rep for more info.