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Purell at Work

PurellEvery time an employee is absent due to illness, it’s an expensive disruption to your business: missed deadlines, rescheduled meetings, lost opportunities. Absenteeism puts a strain on the entire organization. Even when the ill employee reports for work, studies have shown a significant drop in productivity.

Now there’s a simple way to reduce the spread of germs. It’s effective, easy to implement and affordable. It’s PURELL® at work. Current CDC guidelines recommend alcohol-based hand sanitizers for use when a complete hand washing with soap is not available. Put a PURELL Pal or PURELL Desk Caddy on the desktop where the germs are.

PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer helps reduce the spread of germs that may cause illness. In fact, studies have found that making PURELL® readily available can have a dramatic impact on absenteeism due to illness. When you add up the costs of each unscheduled abscence, it’s easy to see why PURELL® is such a smart investment.

PURELL® on every desktop pays for itself with a reduction in absenteeism costs.

For more information on Workplace Wellness and studies documenting results using PURELL®, visit GOJO’s official Workplace Wellness website.

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